Timothy's Ministry, We Are Family

PHOTOS: 12-22-2023

Thank you for all that you do for our friends and for your generosity to bring the love and hope and joy of Jesus into their lives!. Because of your donations, I was able to go around the room yesterday to make sure that everyone would have a place to sleep inside over the holidays and offer a room inside at a Motel (that we paid for thanks to your donations for anyone who wanted it). I have never seen such a desperate time for our homeless in Chicago for 20 years with regard to shelters and even housing availability but I thank God for each of you for making it possible to help people - and we will do whatever we can because God is with us!. People were so grateful to know they will be inside from Friday night until next Wednesday and I am personally so grateful to each of you so that we could make this happen because it is wrong for people to live outside (or in abandoned buildings or sleep on a train) any time of the year...but especially on Christmas. It was just wonderful to know that anyone who wanted to be inside is right now in a warm motel room. Thanks to an anonymous donor, we asked our friends who are homeless a couple of weeks ago to give us their special request/wish of whatever they would love to have (exact size/color boots, coats, or whatever they wanted), and yesterday they were given wrapped gifts of exactly what they asked for and there was so much joy! To top everything off, Mel and Todd and Family came down and provided and served a beautiful beef tenderloin lunch that they served to everyone and also prepared a second meal for 'take-home'. There were gifts for everyone including gift cards and even a jewelry table that my friend Karen put together for our women to help themselves. Please take a look at the photos and the videos below. And, in the midst of all of the celebration, we prayed and read from the Bible and we experienced such love and joy that could only come from God through the Holy Spirit! One of the most important gift any of us needs is to have family and loved ones around us especially at Christmas, and God has created a family for our friends at Tim's House...God is with us! Immanuel! Merry Christmas!